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What do I do


I create mood boards, shot lists and short scripts to simplify the shoot and get all of the ideas on paper before production starts.


Everything from pre-production gets applied here and it materialises into beautiful shots meant to tell your story.


This is where the magic happens!
I organise all of the raw material, trim it to fit and arrange it on the timeline in a way that creates emotion.



TintedGlass Newark

HairPort Barbers

Clubfit24 Gym

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About me

Videography is my passion.

I produce promotional videos for businesses and entrepreneurial individuals that need a slick and appealing presentation. I have two years of experience working on personal projects, experimenting with VFX in After Effects and SFX in Audition and different NLE programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve.

I started making my services as a freelancer available and some of the projects I’ve worked on you can see in my Portfolio above.

I am keen to start creating something new that makes your business stand out and helps convert.




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Have an idea for a cool video or need something to spice up your online presence? No matter the scope of work, I aim to always exceed expectations.

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Adrian munteanu

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